40 Passenger Party Bus

40 Passenger Party Bus

40 Passenger Party Bus

Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding part, engagement part or any kind of party that you want to hold, hiring a party bus would be the most appropriate idea. Getting carried together during a party magnifies the celebration mode, and it creates a peace and loving attitude than when people are being carried separately. In the 40 passenger party bus, you get to share jokes and laugh together while drinking and dancing to the music that is being played. But this cannot happen if you don’t get an excellent bus for your party that is why we welcome you to check our collections


40 Passenger Party Bus Features:

  • Leather Perimeter Seating
  • Fiber Optic Lighting
  • Neon Lights
  • Plasma or LCD TVs
  • DVD Player
  • Surround Sound System
  • Crystal Bar and Bathroom

40 Passenger Party Bus Limo Black 40 Passenger Party Bus Limo White 40 Passenger Party Bus Limo Interior 40 Passenger Party Bus Limo Interior

Features of the 40 Passenger Party Buses

Luxurious and Customized Leather Seats, of course!

Our Limo bus rental is a paradise and a comforting zone besides depicting a noble class to the party attendees. The seats are made of leather, something that will help to pervert fatigue and tiredness even when people sit for a long. The buses have inflation bags and a danger sensing and detecting tool that helps to protect people from accidents.

The Neon Fiber optic lighting in the bus is another mesmerizing feature that makes the Limo bus ideal for parties. You can switch to the light color of your choice and ensure that you get an appropriate environment that you would like your party to have. Our buses have unlimited WIFI access that can be switched on and off depending on whether you need it or not. The laterally placed seats make it possible for people to face each other thus providing a convenient time for people to talk to each other as a group.

Entertainment and Music

There is a DVD/CD stereo system that makes you play any kind of music from any source. The speakers are loud and clear which makes you and your friends enjoy the beat as it comes out. Loud music is one of the wonderful things that an ideal party must have for it to be considered nice. There is a flat panel TV inside with DSTV Connectivity which enables you to view all channels of your choice while celebrating.

Besides all these features, there is also a phone that is available which you can use to call in case you need to make any communication with anyone. It is an Event bus that everyone is longing to have especially the fact that it is cool and unique for all type of people. Our vehicles are wonderful functioning, so your party will be a massive success. We can arrange everything for you and provide a reasonable quote for all the cars that you would like to rent.

*Vehicles depicted are determined upon availability*