80 Passenger Party Bus

80 Passenger Party Bus Features: Leather Perimeter Seating for up to 80 Passengers, Private VIP Area, Fully Equipped Bar, Fully Equipped Kitchen with Refrigerator & Microwave, 15 Plasma TVs, DVD Player, CD Player, State of the Art Surround Sound System, Fully Loaded MP3 Station with over 100,000 Songs, Dance Poles, Wifi, Playstation, and much more.


The Popularity of 80 Passenger Party Bus Rentals

Whether you are preparing for an after-wedding party, a stag or hen night or just planning to have some fun together with your friends, you can be assured that an 80 passenger party bus can be considered as a good solution for your needs. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of benefits that you can expect when it comes to hiring this transportation type, especially when you spend an entire evening out, or just in for a special celebration.


The Benefits

If you hire an event bus to transfer from one club to a different one, from a party to another, or even in transporting your wedding guests from the ceremony to the area for reception, you can expect them to have some fun and start the party earlier.

One of the most popular reasons why a lot of people prefer a, 80 passenger party bus is that it usually creates a good impression. For instance, if you plan to hire an 80 passenger double decker bus, it will certainly catch attention, which makes it more fun. In fact, seeing a party bus pull up is not a common thing to expect. In just a few minutes, everybody is already having fun, laughing, and dancing away throughout the entire celebration.

At the same time, you can also invite more guests because you are confident that there will be enough space for you as you travel together, not worrying whether or not everybody will fit in. The 80 passenger event bus company will inform you how many people can be accommodated in the bus so that you can prepare your guest list well. This is a very good way to ensure that everybody will have fun as a group.

Also, it is a good thing to know that the risk of receiving a DUI is easily reduced. As you head out for a party, you do not have to deal with asking a friend to drive for all of you as everybody is getting wasted away. On the other hand, by hiring an event bus rental, everyone can expect to have fun, without necessary worrying about potential risks which may be encountered by a person. The driver who will accompany you is one who is experienced and professional, and they will ensure that everybody can arrive their destination in a safe way.

Also, you can expect that the driver can give you some recommendations as to the best clubs and bars where you can head out for the night. The ride aboard a double decker bus in itself is already a celebration. As such, you can just easily sit down and relax, explore the new experience, and enjoy the night away!

Disclaimer: This vehicle is a special vendor order. Limited area of service includes New York.