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ADA Accessible Coach

ADA Accessible Coach Features:

High Back Reclining Seats

TV/DVD Player




PA System

Luggage Space



Hire the Perfect ADA Accessible Vehicle for Wheelchair CompatibleΒ Transport

When chartering a bus to ferry a group of people, students, employees or event attendees, you should always put into consideration the type of people you are carrying. Not all people can conveniently use the normal means of transport like buses a good example being disabled people and amputees. The American Department of Justice passed a law that there should be vehicles that can provide customized transport for disabled people. These are the vehicles which are ADA accessible. When renting a bus to carry people to the specified event that you want people to go, consider checking if it has the following features.


A Place Where Wheelchairs Can Well Secured

Wheelchair Bus Rental ensures that you people will have a comfortable time on the bus by having their wheelchairs well secure without compromising their comfort. These buses contain normal luxurious seats as well that other people can sit to take care of the disabled in case they are children. All buses comply with the ADA accessible rules that were set to provide safety and convenient transport of the disabled people. All the vehicles are well tested and approved by the relevant authorities before we take them for people to hire.


Easy To Board & Depart The Motor Coach

Unlike the other wheelchair Event buses, our buses have a clear way where wheelchairs can easily be driven in and out without a lot of struggle. There is an inclined bottom door at the entrance which acts as the road through which wheelchairs pass in and out of the bus. There are no stairs like before when people used to carry the wheelchairs to the inside of the bus then carry the person to the wheelchair as well. Our buses are convenient, and they give people with a disability the ability to enjoy their time while on the bus without having them getting assisted to move here and there.


Great On-Board Stability and Ample Room

To enhance the comfort and excellent moving of the Wheelchair Bus Rental, their internal spaces are broad which makes the people feel nice and independent. There are maximum ventilation and lighting which increases the ambiance of the buses inside. Every bus is well serviced and attached to the highly experienced drivers to ensure that no accidents occur on the road. Be sure that our buses will not have machine breakdowns while traveling because they are sourced from the perfect manufacturers. Before the bus is handed over to you after you have rented it, it undergoes perfect testing to verify its efficiency so that you have a nice journey to the event and back home.