Hersheypark Shuttle Service Transportation

Hersheypark Shuttle Service Transportation

Hersheypark Shuttle Service Transportation

Are you interested in heading to Hersheypark? Are you planning a day trip with the family or just looking for something fun to do? Head to Hersheypark in one of our luxury coach buses or mini shuttle buses. No matter what size the group we can provide an affordable, safe source, of transportation to get there. United Coachways Hersheypark Shuttle Service Transportation will remove the worries of getting your group there and back. Let us take you to the Sweetest Place On Earth!

About The Sweetest Place On Earth

Hersheypark first opened in 1906, over 111 years ago! Hersheypark (previously Hershey Park) founded by Milton Hershey has been a well known name in Pennsylvania  for over a century. Hershey Park opened that spring which included a baseball team, a track, and a grandstand. Over the next 20 years the park grew into much more than just baseball. Hershey Park built their first roller coaster in 1923 called the Wild Cat, which operated until 1945. Hershey grew over the years adding a Merry-Go-Round, Bumper Cars, kiddie rides, fun houses and a miniature railroad.

In 1970 Hershey Park revamped its image into a full blown theme park, thus changing its name to Hersheypark and adding more rides and coasters. The park today stretches over 110 acres with over 70 + rides and attractions, and 13 thrill seeking roller coasters.  The park consists of multiple dining areas, themed areas, a water park, and a animal zoo.

Hershey has been the epicenter for chocolate in America for over 100 years! Hershey’s Chocolate World, is where they feature some of the best chocolate made in North America. Chocolate World provides free chocolate tours all day long, as well as 4D Chocolate Mystery, Create Your Own Candy Bar, and a Chocolate Training Experience (pricing not included).


Hersheypark houses 4 main entertainment venues, Hersheypark Stadium, Giant Center, Hersheypark Arena, and Hershey Theatre.  Inside the park there multiple side stages for smaller shows and jam sessions. Hersheypark also has live concerts at the main halls, please visit their website for artist line ups and concert dates and times. If you need a shuttle bus or party bus to see a concert or show, please feel free to let us know. We provide round trip shuttle services to and from any of the venues.

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